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IT Services for Engineering Firms in Singapore

There are not hundreds, but actually thousands of engineering firms in Singapore. That is a resounding quantity considering Singapore consists of a single metropolis, unlike in most other countries where there are several. Chemical and biomolecular engineering is at the forefront because it is this sector that contributes the most to Singapore’s economy. To perform…

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Managed IT Services for Banks in Singapore And Why You Need Them

The online world of banking has evolved greatly over the past few years. And unfortunately, that includes an evolving cyber-criminal world, targeting the banking industry. Although digital banking is all about building customer relationships and improving the convenience of banking services for clients, anything online is at high cybersecurity risks and security must be a…

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IT Services for Small Businesses in Singapore

Investing in IT services for small business enterprises has become more relevant than ever before. Since Singapore is continuously ranked as the second top international country to create a small to medium enterprise (SME), it explains why 99% of all enterprises are classed as SMEs.   Growing business rates also mean there has been a…

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IT Support Services for Manufacturing Industries in Singapore

If your organisation is part of the Singapore manufacturing industry, then you won’t be surprised to learn how prominent this niche really is. Essentially, manufacturing represents about 20% of Singapore’s GDP. With that in mind, how necessary are IT services for manufacturing? The secret to Singapore’s growing manufacturing industry has to do with the country’s…

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IT Services for Startup Companies in Singapore

It’s no secret that Singapore is currently one of the best places to create and successfully manage a startup. More to the point, Singapore has been ranked as the number one country for startups in the Asia Pacific region in 2022. Further analysis shows that at least 3,800 of these startups are tech-enabled. With that…

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IT Support Services for Financial Sectors in Singapore

The digital world is evolving. In fact, you can do just about anything online these days. And that includes managing your entire financial portfolio across various financial institutions. As the financial services industry continues to grow online, so does the risk of cyber-attacks. This is largely because financial firms house important client data which if…

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